Title Song from Rexband's most recent album 'You Turn'. A reflection inspired by the passage from the second chapter of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 2:13 ) Recorded across studios in Chennai, Cochin, New York and Dubai. Guest artiste and long time friend of the band - Eloy Issacs of 13 AD on the lead guitar for this track.

From the latest album You Turn. This song is about taking the time and the effort to go beyond the preoccupations of oneself and reaching out to others. The music is inspired by the rhythms and the melodies of the famed 'boat songs' of Kerala, the homeland of the band.

From the latest Rexband album 'You Turn'. Solo Vocals by Stephen Devassy. Stephen's first vocal solo of its kind.

The first swing/jazz composition by the band. From the album 'You Turn'.


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