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The Beginnings

In the late 80s and early 90s, a group of young musicians in India experienced a life changing encounter with Jesus through a vibrant Catholic youth movement, Jesus Youth. These musicians, coming from diverse musical environments ranging from contemporary pop to ethnic Indian music began to seek a way to use their talents to express the joy and peace of Jesus. 

And out of the movement, a new musical outreach was born. As the group grew in fellowship and commitment, they took on the name ‘Rexband’ from the Latin phrase 'Christus Rex’ - Christ the King, becoming the musical expression of the Jesus Youth movement. Today, after over two decades, the band has travelled more than 15 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and the the United States, reaching out to tens of thousands of young men and women through contemporary music with the message of true peace.

The Music

A journey through the most recent Rexband album would take one through styles as varied as swing/ jazz, slow rock and pop to ethnic Indian music. It is quite a curious mix by any standards. This mix has naturally evolved from the pot pourri of musicians including Hindustani, Carnatic, pop, rock and hip hop. Though this diversity makes it quite difficult to pin down a specific style of music to the band,  the essence of its music has always centered around contemporary popular music with an unmistakable ethnic Indian flavour.

The Albums

Over the years, the band has come out with more than twelve albums in several languages. The songs, composed and recorded in different parts of the world, represent the style of music that is currently associated with the band. For Rexband, every album is a way of reaching out the message of the King of Kings, Jesus to the heart of this generation.

The Vision

 With music being the key influence of this generation, the band was inspired to present  and promote a brand of music that builds up, inspires, makes sense and above all expresses the joy that Jesus brings. In fact, all the members of the band have a clear personal experience of the love of Jesus which has led them to a commitment in the band - and music for the band is a beautiful media to express this unending joy.

The Movement

Owing its origins to the spirituality of the Jesus Youth movement, the Rexband has always drawn its strength from the precepts of the movement. The band takes its contemporary nature, youth centricity and passionate love for Jesus from the movement. Ultimately, in line with the Jesus Youth movement, Rexband sees itself as a band at the Service of the Church.

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